Waiting to climb in Yosemite

By Kenny Stocker

Hanging out in Yosemite, soaking in the grandeur of America's iconic national park.

The weather is pretty tasty in Yosemite National Park right now, there is no way I am going to start complaining about clear blue skies and temperatures in the 30s after the summer we have had in the UK. The trip started a few days ago in San Francisco. The first job was to pick up our ELV (Embarrassingly Large Vehicle), which we realised as soon as we left the parking lot was no more than a MSV (Mid Sized Vehicle). Getting used to the scale of things was to be our first lesson.

We arrived quite late so stayed over in a motel in Merced before hitting the park the following morning. Having seen so many great images of Yosemite over the years my first impression of El Cap was well.. it looked exactly like it did in all those photos! It was only when I started to pick out folk scaling it’s walls I had to admit it was awesome.

I am here with a couple of Italian friends, we are all Yosemite noobies so we are working through some of the SuperTopo recommended climbs.. single pitch.. 3 pitch.. 6 pitch.. 11 pitch and then we will see how it goes. I sprained my ankle 4 weeks ago and smearing on steep slabs and jamming my foot in peg scared cracks is pretty tiring. We still have a bunch of days to go so I hope it holds out.

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