Scottish Tooling Series Round 1 - Glasgow

By Pete Rhodes

Saturday 9th saw the opening round of the 2010 Scottish Tooling Series get underway and we were lucky enough to get Pete Rhodes kindly donning a Alpkit/Figfour t-shirt for us. The results are now in and Pete gives his run down of the round. It was the start of a good weekend for him and you can continue reading about his exploits on the Ben at his Blog

Last Wednesday I recieved a pair of FigFours from AlpKit to help with my training for the Scottish Tooling Series which started on Saturday. I took them down to Ratho Thursday night for a few routes with them and discovered that they are so much fun its not true. I guess perhaps its the hundreds of hours of aid climbing that does it but the binary feeling of on or off really makes you think and move so very diferently. Nothing better than putting the hook on there, deciding its solid and then just getting on with it! They also give you a mind bending pump by the top of the harder pitches which is fantastic!

So after a total of about 4 sessions on the circuit of wooden blocks on the new wall (current record is 2.3 laps but I’m going to beat that his week for sure!) Saturday dawned with a 6am start for work on the road bridge which is about the worst preparation that you can get for a competition due to finish at 10pm! Work passed gently as ever tho and after a quick nap I was off to Glasgow.

I haven’t done anything properly competitive for years so I was apprehensive as to what to expect to say the least! On initial inspection I thought the holds looked tiny and all to easy to fall off so once we got underway I made sure to let someone go before me on every line just so I could get the gist. Sneaky perhaps but it helped.

I blew a tool on the third route we tried which helped relax things a bit. The flash pressure is pretty tough to deal with. However three more flashes came on problems which I thought were the tough looking ones! This put the pressure back on as the thought of doing OK began to fill my head! An easy flash on a problem with two suspended telegraph poles and then a hard fought battle for one of only two flashes on the chain problem (a free section of chain free hanging from an overhang needing about 10 figure 4s to climb!) and it was all going far too well! All the straight up problems felt pretty steady and after a very unfortunate slip on a traverse the final problem was a caving ladder hung horizontally that you had to figure 4 the whole way along. In a nutshell – DENIED. I’ll be fitter next time though!

So after all that they read out the scores and kept going until they called second, which was ME! Very psyched on the result and the fact I was only 10 off first. All the points I missed were easy enough to pick up so I’m am holding (no doubt soon to be crushed) high hopes for the rest of the events.

Adult Male.
1. Steve Johnstone 134
2. Pete Rhodes 124
3. Jim Higgins 113

Adult Female.
1. Karen McIntyre 89
2. Gillian Culshaw 70
3. Kirstin Carmouche 48

Junior Male – up to 17 years
1. Gregor Macgillvory 101
2. Calum Irvine 91

Senior Male – 40 years plus
1. Steve lynch 102
2. Thomas Buggy 71
3. Ian Dempster 70

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