#Goodnight2020campout by Stu Taylor

Goodnight 2020 campout by Stu Taylor

By Alice Peyredieu

Goodnight2020campout by Stu Taylor, camping out to bid farewell to the year.

Inspired by Bikepacking.com I decided that their Good Night 2020 camp out was the perfect adventure tonic I needed to get me out during this strangest of festive times in the middle of a global panademic.

The rules set were simple:

Rule #1: Camp out with your bike between December 26th and 31st.

We’re well aware that many of you might be under COVID-19 restrictions, or even lockdown. So, we welcome you to camp in your backyard, your back porch, or wherever possible. Just make sure to follow rule number three…

Rule #2: Keep it small and self-sufficient.

Remember, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Follow COVID-19 regulations.

Rule #3: Have a good night.

Enjoy your night, preferably outdoors… but we understand if that’s not an option. Eat some good camp grub. Drink something tasty. Stare at a fire. Look at the stars. Reflect on the changes you made in 2020 and lessons learned. Toast something, or someone. Good Luck. Godspeed. And peace out, 2020!

The date was set for the 30th December, the moon was full, the stars filled the sky and the temperatures at minus 5 and below!

The plan was to leave home late 10pm with a rucksack and minimal kit. I had packed my Soloist tent, pipe-dream 400 sleeping bag, cloud base mat, filament down jacket, hat and down gloves. Along with my riding kit this should ensure that I would be warm enough during early hours. I opted to take a hot flask over a stove just for simplicity and ease, I ate a hot meal before I left so just took some snacks and a head torch as my last addition to the bag.

Scraping the ice of my Sonder Broken Road the temperature was minus 5, off I rode with my bike light glistening on the frozen ground, the sound of the grass was crisp and the snow crunching under my tyres.

It wasn’t long my before I arrived at a sweet little camping spot only a couple of kilometres from home, I got the camp set up quick and poured myself a hot drink as I lay in my sleeping bag looking out of the tent. The full moon was so bright it lit up the landscape all around, the stars filled the dreamy sky and wasn’t long be I nodded off to sleep.

Lightweight solo backpacking tent

Waking up in the morning to the most amazing panoramic views of the Lake District, Howgills and Ingleborough with the sun rising was amazing. The temperature had dropped very cold during the night and although I was warm most of my kit around me was frozen.

With just enough hot chocolate left in my flask to keep me warm whilst I packed the camp away, all that was then left to do was roll home taking in the glorious sunrise and the micro adventure that was #goodnight2020campout

I loved it x

Remember you don’t need to look to far for your next adventure.

Frosty start after bikepackiing bivvy

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  • Hopefully the tent was pitched a bit better than it is in the photo! Great idea though. I think I’d want panniers rather than a rucsac.


    February 07, 2022

  • I love the story, I can’t wait to get my Camino at the end of Feb so that I can start enjoying bikepacking adventures of my own! The Pipedream also needs to get some use other than when it first arrived and I had a moment trying it out and very much enjoying its comfort on the living room floor before a visitor arrived at the door wondering why I was in a sleeping bag!

    Noel Hiorns

    January 31, 2022

  • Loved reading this story especially as it featured the Soloist tent, my wife bought me one for our wedding anniversary (hmmm thinking about it was their a hidden message in this lol). Anyway, I camped out just prior to New Year in the Chilterns, it was a cold night but great. My only lesson learnt – I need a Pipedream sleeping bag !

    Michael De Souza

    January 08, 2021

  • Sounds idyllic, we don’t often get frost on the Isle of Wight. We slept on the beach in our bivvy’s for our Christmas camp. I was woken in the early hours by my feet being gently lifted up and down. Thinking my mate was playing a joke, I looked down to see the bottom of my bivvy floating on the waves! . A storm surge had pushed the tide up further then we expected. Funny thing was none of the others noticed and were still fast asleep ,lol.

    Steve Chiverton

    January 07, 2021

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