Our Zero to Landfill Policy

Our Zero to Landfill Policy

By Alex Guerrero>

Sustainability is and always has been at the forefront of what we do. That’s why we’ve been aiming to send zero waste to landfill for years. And years, and years and years. Here’s the rundown of our recycling policy.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with both local and national waste management systems. We always look for companies with a zero to landfill policy. It’s even better when they send us a monthly report of our waste.

We keep it local at Hathersage, Ambleside and Metrocentre. They work with Peak Waste, Cumbria Waste and Gateshead Council respectively.

At Alpkit Campus and Alpkit Ilkley, we’re served by Enva. That covers our office, UK-made factory, warehouse, Sonder HQ, and our home in the Yorkshire Dales. They publish a sustainability report. And they report back to us with some data on our waste, such as the table above. Enva have confirmed that our Alpkit HQ is 100% zero to landfill. Yay!

Store Spotlight: Edinburgh

carbon report
carbon report

At Alpkit Edinburgh, we’d already transformed a 300-year old “shed” into a warm, energy-efficient gear haven. When it came to waste management, Store Manager Matt wanted to work with a company that was just as passionate as we are about contributing towards a better planet. In his words, it was a no brainer to go for the more environmentally friendly option.

That’s where ChangeWorks come in. They’re a bit different. They:

  • Provide us with multiple recycling containers. That means it’s our job to separate the waste
  • Reprocess all the material within the UK, which makes the material more sought after
  • Provide us with training, so we can understand the ‘why’ and ultimately recycle better
  • Donate annually to environmental charitable initiatives
  • Send nothing to landfill
  • Send us a monthly carbon report

ChangeWorks ask us to separate the waste ourselves. That little bit of extra effort for our Edinburgh Store Heroes makes a huge difference. Less contamination means better quality recycling and less downcycling. Reprocessing in the UK supports the local economy. And anything that can’t be recycled is made into energy.

Just like us, ChangeWorks are all about planet before profit. They were one of the first signatories to Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Sector Commitment. And no other waste management company donates annually to environmental charitable initiative.

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  • Hi I have used one of your tents out! It’s about 4 years old and is no longer waterproof. I am just about to chuck it out but thought I’d check to see whether you have a recycling facility for old tents? Many thanks – ps. Very happy with the tent btw ~ it served me well.


    May 26, 2022

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