Ventile cotton mountaineering jacket

The Ranger with Ronnie

By Alex Guerrero

We’re launching our first ever Ventile® cotton jacket. It’s weatherproof. Indestructible. Designed for a life outdoors. And it’s different to anything we’ve ever made before. So, we had a chat with our Head of Design about it. Here’s what Ronnie said.

Q&A with Ronnie

  1. Why did you decide to make the Ranger?
  2. What's so special about Ventile® cotton? What are the advantages of the Ranger over other shells?
  3. Is the Ranger jacket sustainable?
  4. Where should you wear the Ranger?
  5. What are the performance features of the Ranger?

Why did you decide to make the Ranger?

ranger ventile jacket

“The Ranger is about being in keeping with nature. We wanted to offer a natural alternative in our outer layer range so people can enjoy the natural environment without having to wear synthetic fibres. We believe that traditional technologies using natural fibres still have a place on the hill and in our gear cupboards. That’s why we chose Ventile® – it’s a tough, technical fabric for going quietly and treading lightly in the mountains.”

What’s special about Ventile cotton? What are its advantages over synthetic shells?

ranger ventile jacket

Ventile® is a British-born, Swiss made fabric woven from high quality cotton. It was designed for Air Force personnel during WWII. And it performed so well it was even worn on the first ascent of Everest in 1953! It is a traditional technology that has stood the test of time.

Ventile® is super tough with a dense weave and a high tear strength – meaning you won’t have to worry about scuffing it up while scrambling or bramble bashing. It’s completely windproof, weather resistant and highly breathable for when you’re working hard. Because it is made from cotton, it’s superbly comfortable to wear.

The Ranger isn’t just durable. It’s like a suit of armour in cold, windy conditions. It gets more stiff when it’s wet and it feels super protective. There’s a reason why the British Antarctic Survey have used Ventile® for years! Ventile® is timeless. It’s about high quality garments that last. And last. And last.

Is the Ranger sustainable?

ranger ventile jacket

‘The Ranger is the kind of jacket you’ll end up passing down to the next generation’

Both the outer and liner are made from organic cotton, lowering its impact on the environment. The labels and zips are made from recycled polyester and the snaps are made from recycled brass. It’s easily repairable and it’s built to last. The Ranger® is a timeless style that’ll be ready for a life outdoors for generations.

Where should you wear the Ranger?

“We designed the Ranger® with people who live, work and play outdoors in mind. It’s for rugged activities on hills, mountains and moors. It’s durable enough to bash through a long neglected woodland footpath and breathable enough for getting sweaty on the steeper sections of your walk.”

What are the performance features of the Ranger?

ranger jacket hood
ranger jacket hem

The Ranger is mountain ready. It’s weatherproof, breathable and bombproof.

Ventile® Organic Cotton

Ventile® organic cotton is a natural, technical fabric with a dense weave that keeps the weather off during a passing shower. It stiffens when wet, making it highly protective.


The Ranger has a mountain hood. It’s got a stiffened wired brim with front and rear adjustment, so you can keep the weather out when the wind picks up. It fits over your woolly hat for brain-freeze-inducing weather. The hood is removable, meaning you can still have a high, protective collar in conditions when you don’t want your hood up.

Thoughtful features

The Ranger has all the little details covered. There are plenty of pockets for access on the go. It’s got a snap at the bottom of the two-way zip which can be used to adjust the fit or allow extra ventilation, And there’s snap adjustable cuffs.

Go quietly, tread lightly

The Ranger is about working with nature. Not against it. It’s made from natural fibres and it’s comfortable to wear all day. It’s quiet, layers well and it’s shaped for movement for those scrambly moments mid-hike.

A jacket for life

The jacket has a timeless, durable design that will last for generation after generation. It’s tough to tear and easy to repair. The double stitched seam construction is designed for durability. Ventile® is made for premium quality garments that last a lifetime outdoors. And another. And another.

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