Sonder Santiago on Tour!

Sonder Santiago on Tour!

By Alex Guerrero

It's our classic touring bike, made using 100% recycled Reynolds 631 steel. It's not a bike for breaking records, but for seeing the world. When we sit on the Santiago it's hard to think of a place we'd rather be.

Sonder stories are made far and wide. We asked you to share the Santiago love. Here are some of our favourites.

The Santiago takes you everywhere

Alpkiteer Al Humphreys rode all the way round the world. And now he chooses the Santiago for his trip to Japan. On his world tour of Yorkshire. On overnight trips. He plans pragmatically reckless adventures. It's the best seat to see the world from.

The view from the Santiago

Two views from the best seat to see the world, sent in by one of our customers. "From commutes and Sunday rides to touring and Gritfest 2022...other bikes rarely get an outing these days". Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing Tony!


Santiago overnighter

The Santiago bringing the party to a dark night ride, sent in by Chris, one of our customers.

Santiago meets mountains

A photo of the Santiago in the wild, sent in by a Sonder owner.

Steel framed touring bike with panniers in North Wales

Outstanding in its field

Alpkiteer Al Humphreys takes his Santiago on his microadventures. Here's one time it was kitted out in full bikepacking mode.

Steel framed cycle touring bike loaded with panniers

Cycle touring and sandals

Journey's end

Another photo from Al. Switching off. Jumping in. Washing off the post bike tour grime.

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