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Lightweight, inflatable sleeping mat: full length, 5cm thick, 420g
£46.99 £54.99
Heat it and eat it, a 585 g integrated cooking system
£49.99 £59.99
Waterproof and breathable bivvy bag weighing less than 400g
£46.99 £54.99
580 lumen USB rechargeable head torch with adjustable beam width
£31.99 £39.99
Extra large, breathable and waterproof bivvy bag weighing under 500g
£58.99 £69.99
Lightweight, inflatable camping pillow for multi-day hikes and overnight stays
£11.99 £13.99
Lightweight, inflatable sleeping mat: full length, 8cm thick, 350g
£39.99 £46.99
Camping stove gas canister with a 3-season fuel mix
Pouches of delicious, nutritious and natural dehydrated food
Increase the efficiency of your camping stove with a windshield
£9.99 £12.99
Collapsible titanium camping stove, weighs just 45g
£19.99 £24.99
Bigger pouches of delicious, nutritious and natural dehydrated food
Ultralight, 3-season sleeping bag: -6˚C limit, DownTek™ down fill
£199.99 £239.99
Rechargeable bike safety lights available in front or rear options
£13.99 £16.99
Ultralight backpacking tent: 1-person, 3-season, 1.2kg
£129.99 £149.99
High powered titanium camping stove weighing 124g
£46.99 £54.99
Lightweight, waterproof hooped bivvy bag weighing less than 1kg
£84.99 £99.99
The most comfortable shirt you’ve ever owned for an active mountain lifestyle
£75.99 £89.99
Lightweight grid fleece jacket for warmth without the bulk
£44.99 £54.99
Lightweight grid fleece jacket for warmth without the bulk
£44.99 £54.99
Clip-on flashing red safety lights for improved visibility. Pack of 2
£5.99 £7.99
900 ml titanium cooking pot for soloists with large appetites
£39.99 £49.99
Slim-fit Cordura® jeans with hidden superpowers. Tough, stretchy, wicking
£55.99 £69.99
Inflatable camping mat with built-in pump: full length, 10cm thick, 850g
Long-sleeved one-piece swimsuit for outdoor swimming
£35.99 £44.99
Soft and stretchy organic cotton climbing trousers
£47.99 £59.99
240 lumen head torch with a reactive lighting mode
£20.99 £25.99
Self-inflating camping mattress: full length, full comfort, 7.5cm thick
£63.99 £79.99
Climbing jeans with hidden superpowers. Stretchy, tough and wicking denim
£55.99 £69.99
Dropper post compatible saddle pack mount: prevents saddle bag movement while riding
£14.99 £17.99
Aluminium cook set which deserves a place on any extended camping trip
£24.99 £29.99
450 lumen head torch with red LED light to preserve night vision
£18.99 £23.99
Fold-up stainless steel camping trowel for digging holes
£8.49 £9.99
Pure ultrafine merino wool base layer, 160gsm
£39.99 £49.99
Self-inflating sleeping mat: full length, 5cm thick, 900g
£54.99 £64.99
Trail running leggings with stash pockets
£31.99 £39.99
Lightweight and packable PrimaLoft® insulated jacket
£99.99 £129.99
Pair of compact rucksack friendly trekking poles
£33.99 £39.99
Ultralight and packable hooded micro-baffle down jacket
£106.24 £169.99
Luxuriously soft, lightweight pure merino neck warmer
£19.99 £24.99
Packs down small and easily squeezes into jam-packed car boots
£33.99 £39.99
Lightweight and fast-drying trousers for warm weather hiking
£41.99 £49.99
Moisture-wicking and fast-drying boxers, soft polyester blend
£9.99 £12.99
Soft, triple blend drirelease® tee with high wicking and fast drying performance
£27.99 £34.99
The staple micro-fleece layering top for trails
£39.99 £49.99
Thin, light and waterproof folding USB solar panel
£33.99 £39.99

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