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A high powered camping stove suitable for mountaineering in subzero conditions and made out of titanium to save weight.

An expedition needs plenty of firepower and the Koro remote canister gas stove has this in plenty. But this is no gas guzzler, a brass pre-heat tube ensures the fuel is vaporised by the time it reaches the burner. The result is a constant and controllable flow of gas which reduces spluttering and works better in freezing conditions.

A good camping stove is an efficient stove and the wide burner head spreads heat evenly across your pan base. Koro also integrates tightly with our Concertina windshield which can wrap closely around the stove without the risk of overheating the gas canister. This will reduce gas consumption and reduce boiling times in windy conditions. The advantage of a gas canister stove over a multi-fuel stove or liquid fuel stove is the ability to control the flame with a spin of a knob allowing you to cook rather than incinerate.

Based upon a design originally developed for use on Everest expeditions we have exclusively re-specified the stove body in titanium to make it as light as possible. 3 retractable legs ensure the stove remains stable even with a decent group sized cooking pot but can still fold away into a compact size for stowability.

Titanium body and brass pre-heat tube, this stove is only available from us.


Key Features

  • Power: 2800W
  • Stands stably on 3 retractable legs
  • Light and packable, ideal for minimalist adventures
  • Remote canister attachment allows you to use a windshield with the burner
  • Armoured gas hose
  • Large burner head for even heat across the pan
  • Based on a design for Everest expeditions
  • Brass pre-heat tube makes the stove more efficient so you can carry less gas
  • Instructions included
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats

Packed size

Weight: 124g
Length: 8cm
Width: 8cm
Height: 9cm

Gas hose

Length: 33.5cm

Burner unit

Diameter: 5cm
Height: 9cm
Minimum suggested pot diameter: 8cm

Origin: China