Lightweight meths camping stove


Meths camping stove weighing just 150 g with a flame regulator, a simple and reliable cooking system for worldwide adventuring

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Bruler camping stove system for lighweight use around the world.

The beauty of meths stoves is that they are totally bombproof and never break. Denatured alcohol and meths are more reliable and more widely available than gas. If you’re looking for a reliable, compact and lightweight meths burner with a stand, then Bruler camping stove is just for you!

A convenient flame regulator cap allows you to control the flame, making the set up super safe and easy to use. Simply pour meths into the burner, light and cook away!.. Read more

The stand has an efficient airflow system, spreading heat evenly across the base of your pan. Three retractable legs ensure the stove is stable on any ground. After use, the burner can be stowed away in the stand for storage and to save yourself precious pack space.

Denatured alcohol is a renewable fuel source, and its vapours are non-explosive. Eco Fuel gel can also be used. Meths is also easy to carry as it can be transported in virtually any plastic container. Do not use with fuels developed for pressurised stoves such as Primus Power Fuel.

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Key Features

  • Variable fuel camp stove: meths, denatured alcohol or Eco Fuel gel
  • Cap with sliding adjuster to regulate flame
  • Screw cap to seal for transportation
  • Compatible with MytiPot 900.
  • MytiMug 650 is not compatible due to being too narrow for the Bruler supports.

Vital stats

Vital stats

Total weight : 150 g Stand : 60 g Burner : 90 g Diameter: 9 cm Height: 8 cm Meths burner material: Copper

Origin: China

Bruler Meths Stove - Cameron McNeish

The Bruler is simplicity itself. Three retractable legs provide stability and there are three fold-down pot supports. You simply our pour some meths into the burner, light it and start cooking. A convenient flame regulator cap allows a fair degree of flame control (a meths stove that simmers) and once you’ve finished cooking screw down the burner cap for safe transportation. For £20 it’s a real bargain.

Author: Cameron McNeish Read More: here

The Details

Bruler in action