• alpkit qark headtorch in black
  • qark head torch
  • alpkit qark headtorch in black battery
  • alpkit qark headtorch in black button
  • alpkit qark headtorch in black tilt
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  • alpkit qark headtorch in black
  • qark head torch
  • alpkit qark headtorch in black battery
  • alpkit qark headtorch in black - closed
  • alpkit qark headtorch in black button
  • alpkit qark headtorch in black tilt
  • alpkit qark headtorch in black aaa battery
  • LIAKQARKII-HeadtorchComp-Qark-Wide-1-@580-web.jpg - action
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580 lumen usb rechargeable head torch


A 580 lumen USB rechargeable head torch with an adjustable beam, red light mode and the flexibility to use AAA batteries while recharging the main battery.
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Qark is bright, lightweight and versatile. It's a reliable USB rechargeable head torch that gets the job done whether pushing to the summit at dawn, hitting the trail after dark, or simply reading back at camp. It'll turn night to day with its 580-lumen maximum output and keep going when everyone's gone to bed with its 18-hour maximum burn time.

  • Dual battery compatibility lets you swap in 3 x AAA batteries when you're out of charge.
  • Output brightness can be controlled from 30 to 580 lumens with an adjustable beam width.
  • Single button control, a 90˚ tilting light unit and IPX6 water resistance rating for use anywhere and everywhere.
Note: we made a small mistake in this video. Qark has a 270 lumen output on its medium brightness setting, not 70 lumens as quoted.

Product overview

  • Micro-USB rechargeable battery pack (compatible with Alpkit power banks
  • Compatible with 3 x AAA batteries so you can still use it as you recharge
  • Focus control lets you adjust beam width between spot and floodlight
  • White main LED for general use
  • Red LED for preserving night vision
  • 90˚ tilting light unit for reading and navigating
  • Removable overhead central strap for a stable fit
  • Water resistant IPX6-rated body for durability in changeable weather conditions

Technical details

Mode Brightness Beam distance Burn time*
Main high 580 lumens 150m 2h30m
Main med. 270 lumens 100m 5h30m
Main low 30 lumens 35m 18h
Red 10 lumens 5m 15h
Weight: 95g
Size: 62 x 41 x 43mm
Light output: 580 lm
Bulb: 1 x XP-C Cree white LED; 1 x O.SW Nichia Red LED
Power: 1 x 3.7 800 mAh proprietary Li-polymer rechargeable battery pack OR 3 x AAA alkaline batteries
Charge time: 2.5hrs
IP rating: IPX6 (Protected from total dust ingress. Protected from high pressure water jets from any direction)
Sustainability and Product Care


Where it's made

Our products are made in the best factories in the world. We know the factories personally and they have all signed up to our Code of Ethics in our supply chain. This includes the Ethical Trading Initiative base code, fair pay, safe working environments, no child labour, no modern slavery, no bribery or corruption, no materials from conflict zones and humane farming methods.

All our factories sign up to our Code of Conduct. Find out where we make our product by visiting our Factories of Alpkit factory zone.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We are carbon neutral under PAS2060 and offset our Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 operations and transport emissions. We recognise that offsetting is not part of the solution but a point to pass through on a journey to Net Zero. Carbon Neutral is just a step in that journey.

We have joined the Science Based Targets Initiative which sets independent targets for us to achieve to do our bit to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Our targets are to halve our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2025 based on 2018 base year and reduce our total carbon intensity by 15% every year to achieve genuine net zero by 2050.

End of life

When your partnership with this product is over send it back to us and we will pass it on to someone that needs it through our Continuum Project.

Product care

Care and maintenance

Clean with a damp cloth if necessary. Ensure that the product is dry before storing. Store in a dry place and remove batteries before long term storage.


Do not shine torch directly into your eyes. Do not submerge. Do not disassemble or modify this product in any way as it will invalidate your warranty. The LED lights are not replaceable.


We have dedicated Repair Stations in our stores and we're fully equipped to breathe new life into your old kit. This includes spare parts, patches, new zips and wash and reproofing of your down and waterproofs. Pop into any store or contact us online for more info.

Alpine Bond

If one of our products doesn't meet your expectations upon delivery, or if during its lifetime it doesn't live up to the demands placed on it, please return it to us for repair, replacement or refund. Find out more about our Alpine Bond.

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