Adventurous Dads 2016

Adventurous Dads 2016

By Alpkit

Adam enjoyed an adventure on father's day this year when he was taken out by the whole family...

The weather forecast for the weekend was looking good down where we live on the edge of Dartmoor, so I thought I'd get out with my dad for a wild camp somewhere, especially as it was almost solstice and almost a full moon. I've always been up for a cheeky mission ever since I first went kayaking with my mum and dad and slept on the beach when I was 3! However, this plan was met with a scowl from mum, who was also up for the adventure, but would have to stay at home with my 2 year old brother. So we thought lets all go out, packed a 80 litre rucksack with 4 sleeping bags, 4 mats, a 2 man tent, a tarp, a few clothes and some breakfast and off we set just after tea on Saturday.


<p><span>We parked up on the moor, had a lovely mile or so walk up to a tor, my 2 brother ran most of the way! It was a beautiful evening with stunning light and we found ourselves a rare flat spot, although it was between two large blocks and so there was a bit of a wind tunnel effect going on.</span></p>


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