Twelve Months, Twelve Bivvies: A Starlit Journey Through 2024

Twelve Months, Twelve Bivvies: A Starlit Journey Through 2024

By Joe Wilkins

A New Year's Resolution: Committing to Monthly Bivvying

This year, I've set myself a unique New Year's resolution: to bivvy at least once every month. It's a commitment to rekindle my love for the outdoors and reconnect with nature in a way that only bivvying can offer. The simplicity and intimacy of bivvying have always appealed to me, and this year-long journey is about rediscovering those joys and watching the seasons change from the most unique vantage points.

Bivvying in the snow
Bivvying at Robin Hood's Cave
Bivvy night-cap whisky

The Allure of Bivvying: Why Choose This Over Traditional Camping?

Bivvying is more than just camping; it's an unfiltered experience with the natural world. It began for me a decade ago, drawn by the prospect of sleeping under the stars in places where tents aren't allowed. Influenced by Al Humphreys’ likening of bivvying to a sunny day nap on a park bench, I've always seen it as a way to extend my time in nature, especially in those beautiful, wild parts of the British Isles where you're expected to leave once night falls.

My Bivvy Journey: From Caves to Coastlines

From my first bivvy experience in a cave, startled by the echo of a cattle grid, to sharing a coastal night with my mom on Anglesey, each bivvy night has been unique. Bivvying has brought me closer to nature, whether it was waking up to a frozen tarp in the Peak District or watching a distant storm lit by the moon in Shropshire. This year, I'm excited to see what new experiences each month brings.

Late night cooking
Brew with a view

Choosing the Best Times for Bivvying

While every season has its charm, I'm particularly drawn to the transitional months like April and September for their balance of comfort and adventure. However, this year-long commitment will allow me to embrace each season's distinct beauty, from the long, light evenings of summer to the introspective solitude of winter nights.

The Significance of Bivvying on the Winter Solstice

Bivvying on the winter solstice holds a special place in my heart. It's a night that symbolises resilience and a celebration of the days getting longer again. It's about confronting the challenge of the darkest night and emerging stronger, ready to face the rest of the year with vigour and a positive mindset.

Bivvy Sunset

A Year of Bivvy: Tips for Success

  1. Plan for the Weather: Adapt your gear to the month's weather conditions. Versatility is key.
  2. Embrace Warmth and Comfort: From stoves for hot meals to hipflasks or hot water bottles, ensure you stay warm and comfortable.
  3. Enjoy Company and Solitude: Whether it's a solo trip or with friends, each experience offers something unique.
  4. Morning Rituals: Start each day with a fulfilling breakfast, whether in your sleeping bag or at a local café.
  5. Luxury Touches: Incorporate small comforts like a pre-bivvy meal at a pub.
  6. Have Fun: Each month brings a different experience; embrace it joyfully.
  7. Respect Nature: Practice Leave No Trace principles diligently.

What Lies Ahead: Monthly Bivvying as a Reset Button

As I embark on this monthly bivvy challenge, I look forward to the mental reset it offers. It's not just about the act of sleeping outdoors; it's about connecting with nature's rhythms, reflecting, and rejuvenating. Each bivvy night is a step closer to a deeper understanding of nature and myself.


I invite you to join me in this journey, either in spirit or by setting your own outdoor challenge. It's about more than just camping; it's a commitment to engage with nature regularly, to learn from it, and to grow with it. Let's make this year one of adventure, discovery, and a deeper connection with the world around us.

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