Camping in North Wales

Adventures with Grace and Ruby

By Grace Kelly

One of our customers, Grace, got in touch to tell us about her new purchases from Alpkit and how much she loved them for her weekend in Wales. Thank you Grace!

I spent this weekend enjoying the beautiful bank holiday, Welsh sunshine with my best friend Ruby. It was made even better by my recent purchases from Alpkit.

I camped in my Polestar, near Beddgelert after walking the Nantle Ridge on Friday. On Saturday I woke up to clear blue skies and the birds chirping. I headed from Rhyd-Ddu to Yr Aran, dropping down into the Nantgwynant where I awaited a lift back to my car and enjoy a lovely coffee.

On the Sunday I did some micro nav (Towards my ML) out of Dolgarrog where I found a beautiful place for a dip in the fresh Afon Porth-llwyd. After the chilly dip, I warmed back up using my brilliant Kraku and MytiMug combo to make a brew What a perfect way to spend a weekend.

Thanks for making the outdoor more comfortable and enjoyable for us all with your reasonably prices kit!


Ultralight backpacking tent: 1-person, 2-3 season, sub 900g (2lb)
£249.99 £299.99
Lightweight, waterproof hooped bivvy bag weighing less than 1kg
£84.99 £99.99
Trekking pole tent for long distance backpacking: 1-person, 3-season, 980g
£99.99 £129.99
Innovative air pole tent great for bikepacking and hiking trips: 1-person, 3-season, 1.2kg
£135.99 £159.99
Innovative air pole tent great for bikepacking and hiking trips: 2-person, 3-season, 1.5kg
£169.99 £199.99
Ultralight backpacking tent: 1-person, 3-season, 1.2kg
£129.99 £149.99
Ultralight backpacking tent: 1-person XL, 3-season, 1.31kg
£139.99 £169.99
An ultralight, 1-person pyramid tarp tent that pitches using trekking poles.
Ultralight pyramid tarp tent for backpacking: 2-person, 3-season, as light as 500g
£149.99 £179.99
Ultralight pyramid tarp tent for backpacking: 4-person, 3-season, as light as 771g
£169.99 £199.99
Spacious, backpacking tunnel tent: 2-person, 3-season, 3.2kg
£139.99 £159.99
Spacious, backpacking tunnel tent: 3-person, 3-season, 3.9kg
£149.99 £179.99

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