Descent of Tin Mountain

By Nick

As with all socially responsible companies we are always looking at how we can do stuff better such as improving the amount we recycle, reducing our waste, and generally just doing the environment good. We all know the kind of stuff, not leaving our monitors on stand by, turning lights of, not sitting in a 25c office with our "thecoldcanthurtme" t-shirts on.

Recently we had a break through with our cardboard. Up until a few weeks ago the council who collect our cardboard had insisted that our cardboard got recylced. However we found out that it just ended up in the landfill! Now we have struck up a deal with our neighbours and in return for all our big boxes we get as many stop cocks and soil pipes we can find a use for. Ok, maybe not such a great deal but it is far better that a cardboard box gets used a few times rather than recycled after every use.

Reusing stuff is always a good idea, reusing stuff creatively is genius, the problem is we all to often substitute imagination for cash and the quick fix. In all honesty that is a problem we have never had here at Alpkit HQ. We flick through the glossy catalogues of some of our competitors before referring back to the well thumbed copy of Papanek that we purchased from Galloway and Porter for the princely sum of £1. It must have been during such an occasion that Nick, his concentration interrupted every so often by Jim dunking his daily dose of coke cans in the bin, put two and two together and before we knew it we had a Tin-Can-Man on our desks.


Tin-Can-Man is as the name suggests made from tin cans. He comes from a small studio in South Africa that uses recyclables as their raw materials. What they do is take objects that others throw away, mix in some creative spirit and transform the mundane into a mini work of art. This Tin-Can-Man is of special interest to us because he has ice tools, leashless of course and front point crampons, what a thouroughy modern and ethical Tin-Can-Man he is. Each model is constructed from Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and Pocari Sweat cans to name but a few. 24cm tall and all tin, the Tin-Can-Man may be in his element on icy North Faces but he does need a little help to stand on a flat surface, so he will come with a support, how shameful Tin-Can-Man!

So for the climber who thinks that he has everything, or especially for everyone who didn't get their Blue Peter badge.

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