Volunteer Days

Volunteer Days

Every one at Alpkit gets 5 paid days to work on community projects of their own choice. And Alpkit will donate £10 per hour to the project. It could be for a charity, food bank, litter pick or school football team.

Here are a few stories from our volunteer days:

Peak Park Volunteering

A crack team of 5 were back at Birley Lane today wiring up the fencing project from last month. All done now and entirely by Alpkit hands.

Alpkit x USMC x PDNPA

We had a great time this weekend volunteering for the Peak District rangers. We were working on the penine way at bleaklow, creating trenches to stop the paths from becoming waterlogged. It was great to see the difference we made in a day.
Great day volunteering with the peak park, and plenty of opportunities coming up to get involved.

Fence Making In Hathersage

In December 2021, I helped build a fence near Hathersage with 4 other Alpkit staff and the Peak Park Conservation Volunteers. I loved getting to spend time away from my desk with people I wouldn’t normally get to chat to during a working day. We were a group across marketing, customer service, product, the factory and the Hathersage store. It was a physical and metaphorical breath of fresh air to be working hands on, learning new life skills and maintaining the lovely National Park. I wouldn’t have thought to volunteer on a project like this one if Alpkit hadn’t facilitated it! And I’m so glad they did.