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Mountain Beanie

Bright geometric Alpkit beanie
Bundle price £9.99
  • Chilli
  • Nemo
  • Tarmac

Heavy Weight Hiker

Thick and warm boot-length mountaineering sock
Bundle price £13.99


3 pack of our breathable microfibre dual skin running socks
Bundle price £13.49


Pack of 2 COOLMAX® mid-weight walking socks
Bundle price From £9.99
  • Tarmac
  • Denim and Space Grey


Go chase the sun, sunglasses for adventures with cool UV protection.
Bundle price £14.99
  • Black and Gold
  • Black and Ice
  • Tortoise


3 pack of anti-bacterial, odour resistant mini merino socks
Bundle price £23.99


Anti-fog cycling eyewear. Protection from mud, grit and the elements
Bundle price £19.99
  • Rocket
  • Matt Black
  • Reef

Aktif Ankle

3 low-cut and lightweight COOLMAX® sports socks
Bundle price £11.99


Waterproof and breathable high-cut gaiters
Bundle price £29.99
  • Black
  • Lego


3 pack of moisture wicking midi socks with COOLMAX® fibres
Bundle price £21.99

Specta Pullover Glove

Running gloves with stowable windproof pullover mitt and touchscreen fingertips
Bundle price £23.99

Aura Grip Glove

Warm fleece gloves with a grippy silicon palm
Bundle price £17.99

Frazil Glove

With zoned insulation so you can maintain dexterity whilst technical climbing
Bundle price £37.99

Gabbro Glove

Excellent protection without leaving you feeling restricted
Bundle price £54.99

Floe Glove

Tough MTB gloves for year-round coverage
Bundle price £23.99


For reducing blisters and hot spots when out on the trail
Bundle price £19.99

Aura Glove

Warm multi-purpose fleece glove for hillwalking
Bundle price £14.99

Kepler Liner Glove

Merino liner glove corespun with nylon for durability
Bundle price £24.99

Rhythm Glove

Zoned palm padding and a natural feel for long distance rides
Bundle price £19.99

Heavy Weight Trekker

AKA The Big Long Ones: 2 pack of full-length hiking socks
Bundle price £19.99

Rana Waterproof

Waterproof ankle-length socks with a breathable membrane
Bundle price £29.99


Bamboo socks which feel oh so lovely on your feet
Bundle price £11.99


Polarised floating sunglasses with a wraparound frame for protection from the sun
Bundle price £19.99

Comet Glove

Adventure and mountain bike gloves with thin synthetic leather palms
Bundle price £23.99
  • Black
  • Reef
  • Plum

Haline Glove

For dexterity and comfort on Alpine summers ascents
Bundle price £39.99


3 pack of mid-length cycling socks with mesh ventilation
Bundle price £11.99


Wrap-around cycling sunglasses with air vents
Bundle price £19.99

Vulcan Glove

Balances digit dexterity and warmth for finger-freezing bike rides and winter hillwalking
Bundle price £34.99


Running and cycling sunglasses with spare low-light lens
Bundle price £19.99


Comfortable and odour free from added natural silver thread for its anti-microbial qualities
Bundle price £18.99

Pola Glove

Waterproof gloves for protection from the cold, wind and rain
Bundle price £29.99

Diamond Trucker

Classic trucker cap with Sonder logo patch
Bundle price £19.99


Go chase the winter sun, sunglasses with cool UV protection.
Bundle price £12.99

Shuga Glove

Midweight waterproof insulated winter glove for winter mountaineering and alpinism
Bundle price £69.99


Classic sunglasses with a woodgrain finish for active days in the sun
Bundle price £16.99


Performance sport sunglasses with all-angle category 3 UV protection
Bundle price £19.99


Wrap-around sports sunglasses for hiking, climbing and biking
Bundle price £19.99

Swoosh Snapback

Classic snapback cap with Alpkit swoosh logo
Bundle price £19.99

Airhead Beanie

Low profile fleece liner beanie, fits neatly under helmets
Bundle price £14.99
  • Chilli
  • Fontainebleau
  • Tarmac


Warm, wind resistant and breathable fleece beanie
Bundle price £11.99
  • Charcoal
  • Reef

Splitearth Snapback

Classic snapback cap with Sonder logo
Bundle price £19.99