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Frejus organic cotton tent has advantages for campers

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Trek and Mountain's review of the Frejus tent showcases this unconventional choice as a top-notch base camp tent, best suited for car camping rather than multi-day backpacking due to its weight and size. But where the Frejus might not impress in the lightweight category, it truly shines in comfort and practicality.

Reminiscent of the robust tents of the early 1980s, the Frejus is built with an organic cotton canvas flysheet. This choice of material offers several compelling advantages: breathability that keeps condensation at bay, insulation properties that create a cool environment in summer and warmth in winter, and exceptional durability. Combined with a 400 denier bathtub groundsheet boasting an impressive 20000 hydrostatic head, the Frejus provides supreme waterproof protection.

The Frejus is a strong and comfortable tent that's ideal for using as a base at campsites, and is especially good in hot weather.

Overall we really enjoyed using the Frejus, not least because it reminded us of days gone by, but also because it's just so comfortable and practical.

The Frejus is lauded for its easy pitching process, resulting in a sturdy structure offering ample space inside for two people to move comfortably. The tent's breathability is further enhanced by excellent ventilation features, including mesh doors, a rear vent, and a raised skirt for improved air circulation.

Additionally, the Frejus boasts a versatile porch that can be adjusted to various configurations—fully enclosed, half shut, half folded away, or fully folded away—offering more options for cooking or storing gear.

To conclude Trek & Mountain say the Frejus tent is a standout selection for campers who value comfort and practicality over portability. Its nostalgic feel, coupled with modern features, makes it a uniquely appealing choice for the seasoned car camper.

Read the full review in Issue of 110 of Trek&Mountain


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