Hurly Burly - The Pioneer Year report

By Talyn Williams

Last weekend, I headed over to Wales to join the Outdoor Swimming Society in Barmouth for the very first Hurly Burly, where participants could choose to swim or run 10km, or if you're feeling sprightly, take on both. In the stunning location of Snowdonia National Park, along side the Mawddach River, I set up the Alpkit teepee and got a nice fire going to help finishers warm their fingers and toes (as well as toast a marshmallow or two in the process). If you missed out on it's pioneer year, here's a selection of snaps to get a feel for what to expect next year

The run followed the old railway line across and up the river | Photo: Vivienne Rickman Poole

​It was a cold start but that wasn't putting anyone off | Photo:Vivienne Rickman Poole

Calm waters at Penmaenpool before participants arrived at the finish line

Safe to say it's a perfect location for running and swimming (as well as heaps of other activities)

Swimmers​ starting off from the mouth of the river in Barmouth |Photo:Vivienne Rickman Poole

The Alpkit teepee ready and waiting to warm up wet bodies

Spectators eagerly awaiting finishers

Plenty of fires for plenty of warmth (and marshmallows)

​Nothing better after a morning run/swim than a healthy dose of bacon and eggs | Photo:Vivienne Rickman Poole

After the chilly waters of the Mawddach River, the Alpkit teepee and firepit was the perfect retreat

Marshmallows all round!

I think we need a bigger teepee!

Spotted! The Alpkit Lotic wetsuit on a very happy swimmer

Participants were rewarded with an Alpkit and Outdoor Swimming Society Hurly Burly mug | ​Photo:Vivienne Rickman Poole

​I had a great time chatting to all the runners and swimmers and hearing about all the daring deeds of going nice places and doing good things | Photo:Vivienne Rickman Poole

After a successful pioneer year, I'm looking forward to donning my wetsuit and jumping in with the rest of them at next years Hurly Burly!

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