Hurly Burly 10k: The Pioneer Year

By Alpkit

What is the Hurly Burly? In its pioneer year, that's what the is the brand-new event from the Outdoor Swimming Society. A community of individuals who share a love of swimming under the open sky, the OSS organises a range of year-round open water swimming events across the nation, and they've just added this 10k swim to their calendar. Early in the morning on the 7th October, swimmers, runners and supporters are invited to celebrate the changing seasons and try out a new race, new route, and new format of event.

The OSS describes the Hurly Burly as their most beautiful route yet, and although we had an absolute blast at the Bantham Swoosh, we can't help but agree.

From beaches to mountains: as far as views go it doesn't get better than this!

Based in North Wales on the edge of Snowdonia, the Hurly Burly 10k begins on the sandy beaches of Barmouth before passing under the iconic railway bridge and making its way up the sandy estuary, with mountains at either side. From there the pace quickens with the Spring tide into the narrows and, as the banks come in closer at your sides, the tide acts as a bore, carrying you up to Penmaenpool.

Front row seats: as the route leads inland, the landscape becomes more pastoral

OSS Director, Artist Kari Furre

Once at Penmaenpool, it's time to get dry, get changed, and head across the fields to a barn for hot food, fire pits, and celebrations.

For those who fancy an extra challenge, the Hurly Burly will also be the OSS's first dual race, with the option to complete a 10k run up to the start of their swim. Alternatively, those who want to get in on the action without getting wet can run a 10k route alongside the swimmers.

In its pioneer year, the event will be open to 200 swimmers only. Naturally, the organisers are expecting to encounter a few bumps along the way and participants will be invaluable in helping to iron these out. As a thank you, pioneer swimmers will receive 3 years of priority booking if the event becomes permanent.

Cheers to a brand new route!

Fancy being part of history?

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