Dawn & Chris Enjoying Year Round Swimming

Dawn & Chris Enjoying Year Round Swimming

By Amanda Porter>

Thank you Dawn and Chris for sharing this with us. It really is great to see you have inspired the next generation of your family to take the plunge too !!

"Outdoor swimming, in my case more often wallowing, is something Chris my husband and I have discovered over the past few years. Probably due to our love of the outdoors and the fact that we can combine it with our cycling/bike packing adventures.

To enable us to swim all through the year [as I have still not been brave enough to go without my wetsuit during cold winter months], Chris replaced my old summer shortie wetsuit with my current Alpkit full body suit. Now the sky \ water is the limit, once the kit was completed with socks and gloves after getting very painful hands swimming in a river in Scotland.
Swimming, in winter especially, for me gives me a similar feeling to when riding my bike over the hills in Wales where we live.
  • A real sense of freedom, leaving all other thoughts behind and focussing only on the moment.
  • Achievement. I don’t always quite feel like going in the water but never regret it once I am in.
  • Invigorated. It awakens all your senses and makes you feel so alive and along with that, empowering - feeling able to do anything.
As with most activities it is much more fun doing it with friends and family and as a result, we have since got our daughters and their husbands hooked too."
One of our favourite things here at Alpkit is hearing how our gear is helping our customers enjoy their adventures. If you have anything at all you would like to share with us please don't be too shy to get in touch.
Remember, what may seem tiny to one person could seem huge to another and you might just inspire somebody else to be brave and head out on an adventure of their own.

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