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MytiStax titanium cookset in best camping cookware of 2023 review

By Kenny Stocker>

In Mark Mayne's effusive Best camping cookware sets of 2023 article for G3, the Alpkit Mytistax camping cookware is described as Keenly priced flexible titanium cookware for champions. Mayne posits that the slightly higher price point over competitors like Easycamp is fully justified, thanks to a host of thoughtful and valuable design enhancements that greatly improve the user experience.

Mayne heaps praises on the use of titanium in the Mytistax, noting its lightweight strength and the fact it leaves less of a metallic aftertaste in food compared to traditional aluminium. This shows Alpkit's dedication to not only the durability of the product but also the quality of the outdoor cooking experience it facilitates.

The frying pan is teflon-coated, making bacon butties a genuinely practical option, while the handles are rubber coated to avoid burns. A final trick is that the rims are curled to accept an optional titanium hanging chain kit, allowing use over an open fire.

The range of pan sizes offered is another huge selling point. With options of 1.2 litres, 0.8 litres, and 0.4 litres, the Mytistax provides adaptability for solo or duo camping scenarios, allowing for portion control ranging from minimalist to luxurious.

The review lauds the Mytistax's Teflon-coated frying pan, making it a standout feature as it allows for a wider variety of cooking options - he specifically points out frying becomes a viable choice. It's clear that Mayne values this addition, emphasizing that Alpkit's design choices contribute to a more rewarding and versatile cooking experience.

Another design enhancement appreciated by Mayne is the rubber-coated handles, reducing the risk of burns, a user-friendly safety consideration that enhances overall satisfaction with the product.

Lastly, Mayne highlights the practicality of the curled rims designed to accept an optional titanium hanging chain kit. This feature offers the chance to use the Mytistax over an open fire, adding a level of versatility that could be attractive to many outdoor enthusiasts.

In a nutshell, Mayne's review attests to the Mytistax's superior design, material choice, and flexible usability, making it a fantastic investment for anyone seeking a well-rounded camping cookware set.

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