Gravel bike 650 or 700c wheel compatible

How one bike became one man's ultimate cycling solution

By Kenny Stocker

Discover how the dual wheelset approach, combining 650b and 700c wheels, offers unparalleled versatility, comfort, and space-saving benefits, perfectly catering to the evolving needs of the 50 something cycling enthusiast.

Luke Friend, a seasoned writer, editor, and bicycle mechanic with 25 years of experience, has a deep-rooted passion for cycling - he is also a Sonder Camino rider.

In this article for Cycling Weekly Magazine, Luke takes the reader through his evolving needs and preferences, particularly regarding riding comfort and versatility and reveals why he decided to gift himself a second wheelset.

In his article, Luke covers downsizing his bike collection to align with changes in his life and a re-prioritisation on leisurely touring pace over flat-out speed.

At 49, he’s an avid bike race follower and enjoys road and gravel riding. Buying a specialised endurance road bike and attending yoga classes was considered but put off due to the cost and his procrastination over resolving his backache.

This procrastination led to an epiphany while using his gravel bike, a Sonder Camino, during bad weather. He realised the potential of his gravel bike for road use, noting its upright geometry and wide tire clearance.

Gravel bikes such as the Camino are known for their adaptability, ranging from off-the-grid adventures to gravel racing. Luke found that the geometry of the Camino required minimal adjustment to suit both road and off-road riding. However, he noted the trade-off in rolling resistance when using voluminous tires on smooth roads. To address this, he contemplated tire options, aiming to reduce the need for frequent swaps between different types.

The Camino is well suited to this approach. Its adaptable tyre clearance makes the Camino as proficient on your local trail as it is on the open road, with tyre clearance up to 700c x 50mm or 650b x 2.2” for added traction and comfort on bumpier terrain.

Ultimately, Luke settled on the ‘two wheelset’ approach. This involved having a separate 700c wheelset for road use, fitted with narrower slicks, alongside his existing 650b wheelset for off-road use. This solution balanced practicality and performance, acknowledging that while no single bike can replace multiple specialised bikes, a well-considered one-bike-two-wheelset strategy can be pretty effective.

We are happy to see that Luke found this approach liberating, space-saving, and with obvious financial benefits. He appears content with his one-bike solution, but we don't know if he has tried the Sedona.

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