Hollowfibre thermocore outdoor shirt in the woods

Chris Townsend's enduring favourite: The versatile Woodsmoke shirt reviewed

By Kenny Stocker

TGO's 'Kit that won't quit 2023' praised the Woodsmoke shirt's fit, fastenings, and hollow-fibre durability, making it an essential for outdoor lovers.

In the February 2024 edition of The Great Outdoors (TGO), Chris Townsend shares his insights on our Woodsmoke shirt. In his article "Kit that won't quit 2023", he praises the shirt for its comfort, warmth, and practical design, notably the stud fastenings that offer ease over traditional buttons and the spacious pockets for utility.

The Woodsmoke shirt stands out for its ease of use, comfort, and versatility, proving itself as an enduring favorite for both everyday wear and outdoor adventures. Its blend of practical features and durable material makes it a staple in any gear collection.

The Woodsmoke's material, a stretchy hollow-fibre polyester, is highlighted for its softness, making it pleasant to wear directly against the skin and versatile as a mid-layer for outdoor activities. Chris's long-term use of the shirt over five years, both for everyday wear and outdoor expeditions, attests to its durability and lasting quality.

The Woodsmoke shirt also receives commendations from other members of the TGO gear team, justifying its status as a top choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

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