Training has begun

By Nicola Beeby

Training has begun, gearing up for upcoming challenges with dedication.

For a while I’ve fancied the idea at having ago at adventure races, not sure why but they do look like fun, so I’ve signed up for one on the 1st April 2012 - The Haglofs open 5 Series (Peak District), hopefully this will complement my kayaking nicely and maybe one day I will do a race with kayaking as one of the disciplines.

So what does this adventure race involve? essentially you have 5 hours to get to as many check points as possible on mountain bike and on foot. Here is a short clip from a previous event.

Hopefully this will be a good one to start with and give me a good insight into what is required to complete these races.

All I have to do now is start training… I will keep you updated.

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