Rev'in it up in the wind

By alpjim

Revin' it up in the wind, embracing the thrill of speed on two wheels.

I picked up a Pyranha Rev last week to test before we order them for the Alpkit team. I’ve paddle it a couple of times just down the road at the National Watersports Centre with favorable results. I have not been a fan of Pyranha playboats since the the demise of the Pro-Zones. The new Rev is the first boat I have sat in that looks and feels right from the word go.
This weekend I took the Rev with me up to Angelsey for a couple of sessions at Stanley Embankment. Its been a while since I have been there and the first time on a decent tide since the new A55 has opened. Getting changed in the carpark with the wind howling and waves breaking on the beach large enough to think about surfing them, why did I get out of bed for this! The paddle across to the tunnel was hard going but we’d timed it just right as the wave had just starting working.
I forgot how much fun Stanley was. The Rev surfed well and ripped across the wave. The strong wind blowing through the tunnel made it very hard to get a real feel of acceleration down the wave. Everyone I was with struggled to get any sort of explosive release from the top of the pile to attempt anything really dynamic . However occasionally a surge would jack the pile up a little higher and with a few strong paddle strokes you could race down across the face of the wave, and bounce a blunt off the side radials but these were rare. The spray stung my eyes but the sheer speed of the wave makes me grin from ear to ear. My friends in similar sized playboats were having a hard time in the boils beneath the A55 but the Rev didn’t seem to be affected… or I was just lucky!!
So far I haven’t got a bad word to say about the Rev. It’s not earth shatteringly different from any offering from any manufacturer out there and won’t make me a freestyle legend. It feels very controlled and predictable. With their exams all finished Bill and Nicola are coming down next week to them ago and hopefully you’ll see them out and about in their Rev’s very soon.

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