Hurley selection event and GB squad 2010

By Nicola Beeby>

The last 2 months has seen the 3 selection events for the GB team 2010 for the European Championships which will be held in Leinz Austria June 2010. The 1st was the heat results from the 2009 British championships (which were fantastically organised and ran by Alpkit!)

The 2nd was a selection only event held at HPP in Nottingham, this was a 1 day event, a week prior to the event the course was changed to make a fantastic fast feature at the Tardis. It was a great week training at the feature I was even landing McNastys there, however before the event it rained right on queue and there was a question mark as to whether it would be held on the feature or if it would have to be higher up the course due to the high water levels. This would have been a shame as it’s the best feature the course has seen in a while, and some of the guys were going huge on there. Luckily the water level dropped just enough before the event for it run, however it was still slightly flooded which added a little extra flush to the feature making the moves slightly harder! Again thanks to Alpkit for providing the music for the event! Some fantastic scores were recorded with the top 3 men scoring over 1000 for 2 runs.

The 3rd and final event was held at Hurley for a change of scenery. Again the weather kept us guessing right up until the event, luckily it rained the weekend before so there was 3 gates both days allowing for some last minute practice as this was the 1st time it had been in since the summer. It was again a one day event the same weekend as the Hurley classic rodeo and luckily the lock keeper was able to maintain 3 gates for the day, with just enough water. Sadly there was not as great a turn out for this event, so it was over relatively quickly, many thanks for the freestyle committee organising this one.

So after those 3 events there were some sums to do! Which were kindly completed by Flea and Pete Issacs to decide who would be attending the Europeans next year. Big congratulations to all those who took part in the events! The results were as follows:

[b]Senior K1 Men:[/b]
Team: James Bebbington
Team: Sam Anderson
Team: Richard Chrimes
Team: Alan Ward
Team: Jon Best
Reserve: Joe Bradley
Squad: Stu Parry
Squad: Chris Bucksey

[b]Senior K1 Ladies:[/b]
Team: Fiona Jarvie
Team: Jenny Chrimes
Team: Claire O’Hara
Team: Nicola Beeby
Reserve: Lowri Davies
Squad: Georgina Preston
Squad: Poppy Layton

[b]Junior K1 Men:[/b]
Team: James Weight
Team: Brendon Orton
Team: Rhys Roberts
Reserve: James Benns
Squad: Brandon Hepburn
Squad: Joshua Wedgewood

[b]Junior K1 Ladies:[/b]
Team: Gabby Bates
Team: Tasha Isaacs
Reserve: Rachel Bovill
Squad: Millie Leith
Squad: Kim Aldred

Team: Paul King
Team: Peter Orton
Reserve: Chris Noble
Squad: Lee Pyke
Squad: Jamie Burbeck

Team: Dave Bainbridge
Team: Stu Parry
Team: Adam Ramadan
Team: Lee Pyke
Reserve: Paul King
Squad: Daniel Whitlum
Squad: Jamie Burbeck

[b]Squirt Men:[/b]
Team: James Reeves
Team: Chris Jones
Team: Josh Gosling
Team: Jamie Austin
Reserve: Aaron Layton

[b]Squirt Ladies:[/b]
Team: Claire O’Hara
Team: Lowri Davies
Team: Millie Leith
Reserve: Sara James

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