Monday Mission

By Bill Anderson>

At the Festival of Freestyle I was receiving phone calls the whole weekend from friends out on rivers throughout the country so I thought Id take the opportunity to catch the last of the high water levels on the Monday.

Nic and I took a drive up to the High Force – Low Force section of the Tees and found it to be at a low-medium level which can provide plenty of fun and some interesting lines. After multiple runs of all the rapids I decided to take a gamble and head further north to see what water levels were like in the weir valley. Again, levels had dropped off making a lot of the runs a little low but a few of the local park and huck spots would be working nicely.

First up was a fall at the top of the upper Wear. A fairly straight forward drop that has a nice feeling of free fall. After two runs of the fall we headed to a Wear tributary, Rookhope Burn. This short spate run was a little low but has two interesting falls, one about 3m the other about 2m.

After a good days paddle we retired to Barnard Castle for fish and chips and then home to bed.

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