Bikepacking Bags

Bikepacking Bags

We've been making bikepacking bags here in Britain since 2008 crafting innovative and race-proven bikepacking, cycle touring and endurance racing bags. Whatever you ride, we've a bikepacking bag for you: from a simple gravel set-up to a full-blown round-the-world expedition rig... Read more


Fold-out saddle tool roll: storage for the "every ride" essentials
Bundle price £24.99

Bikepacking and cycle touring bags: our design ethos

Our bikepacking bags are innovative, lightweight and durable using the most advanced technical fabrics and expert construction. We make them at our small factory on the edge of the Peak District.

Our X11 fabric has a 100% organic cotton face and is climate neutral: made from plant-based and recycled materials and manufactured in factories that only use green energy.

Our British made bikepacking range is backed up by our 25 year Alpine Bond and our team of skilled and dedicated seamsters offer full custom bikepacking bags to make your bikepacking rig as individual as you are.

Handlebar bags

Alpkit Handlebar Bags

For bulky, lightweight items like sleeping bags and down jackets

Saddle bags

Alpkit Seat Packs

Ideal for carrying tubes and tools on day rides or large items like tents on longer trips

Frame bags

Alpkit Frame Bags

For heavier items and spares without affecting handling or balance

Cockpit bags

Alpkit Cockpit Bags

Water bottles, food and snacks, phones and electricals go here

Alpkit bikepacking bags

We started making bikepacking bags for multi-day adventures back in 2008. Since then we've expanded our range adding gravel, road, endurance and mountain bike specific products alongside a collection of lightweight stormproof bags.

We also custom-build bikepacking bags to your specification letting you fine-tune your rig precisely.

X11 bikepacking bags

Our ground-breaking bikepacking range. Lightweight, functional, sustainable and durable. UK made bags with a 25 year Alpine Bond

Deluge stormproof bikepacking bags

Deluge bikepacking bags are for maximum protection. Rain, mud and grit. Whatever you want to throw at them it's not getting in

Custom-made bikepacking bags

Custom designed and limited edition bikepacking bags made by our Emma and our team of sewers at our factory here at Alpkit Campus. Build your dream bikepacking bags

Product guides: our bikepacking bag range explained

Alpkit co-founder and Managing Director, Nick gives us an overview bikepacking bag range

How to pack for bikepacking

Alpkit co-founder Kenny takes us through what to pack for the Tuscany Trail


Making a Stingray frame bag

Making a custom Stingray in our factory

Build your own rig

A rig is a collection of bikepacking bags used together to enable you to carry everything you need on your next bikepacking trip.

Explore some of the amazing rigs you can build below from multi-day mountain biking rigs to ultralight, minimalist endurance racing rigs to the full-blown round-the-world expedition touring.

Multi-day bikepacking rigs

A close to home overnighter or multi-day route covering plenty of ground. You might only ride 25 to 50 miles a day carrying only the essentials. Sonder Frontier is a great bike for multi-day bikepacking

Endurace race rigs

Long distance self supported endurance races like Trans Continental and Tour Divide have exploded in popularity. Innovative ultralight set ups have meant people can ride further, faster and cover incredible distances. Sonder Camino and Sonder Colibri are great bikes for gravel, road and endurance racing

Expedition bikepacking rigs

Travelling the world by bike captures our imagination. Cycling extremes be it cold, heat or altitude are what dreams are made of. Sonder Camino and Sonder Broken Road are race-proven bikes for wilderness, racing and world travel.