Where in the World would you Ride your Bike?

Where in the World would you Ride your Bike?

By Rob Savin>

A few weeks after we went into lockdown, we started to daydream. The mountains were calling. The roads were calling. The trails were calling! We asked, “if you could go riding anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?”

Over 1,200 people responded to share their dreams and ambitions. The results are inspiring and sometimes surprising.

Here is a list of the places that people most want to go cycling, described in the words of our customers. Be careful, reading this list will create serious wanderlust.

1. Scotland

It’s official. More people want to go cycling in Scotland than anywhere else in the world.

In fact, more than twice as many people said they wanted to go Scotland than the next place on this list. It’s so easy to understand why. “Nature, space, scenery and ocean” is how one customer very neatly summed it up.

There are two places in particular where people really want to cycle in Scotland.

The Hebrides tops the list for its wild beauty and the dream to link causeways and ocean roads next to pristine white beaches and mountains rising steeply from the sea. With nobody around for miles, this is adventure heaven.

The North Coast 500 comes in a very close second. This beautiful stretch of road draws people in with its awesome vistas as you travel through vast landscapes. In the summer you can ride for long, long days as the sun never really goes down for long.

Cycling in New Zealand

2. New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredible cycling destination for its “epic landscapes, endless coast, empty roads and kiwi hospitality.” Or as somebody else put it, “The friendliness of the locals, the hype they share for all things mountain-biking, and the deep green volcanic scenery matched with amazing culture make it my no.1 spot on the list.”

And what’s on the New Zealand wishlist? Mountain bike in Wanaka, ride the from North to South, bikepack the Timber Trail and ride its endless, quiet roads.

Hang on, we’re just off to book our ticket…

Cycling in the Alps

3. France

France is hugely popular with road riders and mountain bikers. So many people simply want to go to the Alps for its “beautiful scenery, iconic road climbs and hidden MTB gems.”

And there’s so much more than the Alps in France.

There are the Alpes Martime (“singletrack, moonscapes, great food and drink”), the roads of Normandy (“beautiful riding and wild camping along the greenways”) and la velodysee, which will take you down the west coast on traffic-free paths.

Gravel riding in the Peak District

4. England

England has so much variety in places so close to each other.

The Lake District and the Peak District are both spectacular riding destinations with hills, beautiful scenery and great roads & trails. And the Lakes does have the particular advantage that “after a great day of riding you can jump in Wastwater for a swim!”

This landscape contrasts sharply with Cornwall and Dartmoor where the rolling hills meet the sea. And of course there’s Yorkshire, which took the Tour de France by surprise in 2014 with its route and incredible roadside support.

We’ve missed a lot here because yes, there’s a lot of riding in England.

Whistler Bike Park

5. Canada

Canada is dream for so many cyclists – “Amazing scenery through the Rockies with endless options for excursions into the wilderness.” And then there’s British Columbia (BC). For many, BC is “the Mecca for mountain biking”. There’s Whistler, there’s North Shore Vancouver, there are mountain trails that go for miles and miles.

And of course, there’s Canadians. Maybe the friendliest people in the world.

6. Italy
"It's a place rich of nature, culture and a lot of history...and there's gooooood food!!!!!"
7. Patagonia
"Scenery, condors, remoteness and a culture that I could learn from."
8. Spain
"Beautiful mountains, great rides, awesome food and wine"
9. USA
"Absolutely stunning landscape that's just so much bigger than anything in the UK"
10. Norway
"For the unspoiled scenery and the amalgamation of mountains and coastal trails combined with the magic of the midnight sun!"
11. Iceland
"To enjoy and experience the scenery, sights, sounds, smells, amazing foods, vibrant colours and generosity of the local people."
12. South America
"Nature, nature and lovely people"
13. Wales
"Amazing country with beautiful views, world class beaches and a good few food and drink stops on the way."
14. Himalayas
"To marvel at the surrounding giants"
15. Japan
"I saw a video of the lakes, mountains, beautiful roads and just said 'wow'!"

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