Hillwalking with LED headtorches in the Lake District

LED headtorches offer serious advantages for hill walkers

By Kenny Stocker>

Neil Braidwoods Manta head torch review for Scotland Outdoors paints a vivid picture of the inconvenience of older, traditional torches, highlighting his uncomfortable and inefficient experience of using an old Maglite during camping.

In stark contrast, he hails our multi-function head torch as a brilliant solution to nighttime visibility challenges. Pushing out an impressive 100 Lumens from a single LED, this torch provides ample light to comfortably read in total darkness.

When I started camping, I’d struggle after dark with my old Maglite gritted between my teeth – not comfortable! The guys at Alpkit have created a brilliant little multi-function head torch.

Neil likes the user-friendly features: a dimmable setting, adjustable beam width, and a lever that allows the user to control the direction of the light. Particularly beneficial for night walkers, the torch can be angled to illuminate just the right spot in front of the user.

The green LED facilitates nighttime map reading; the double red ensures safe group walking without causing discomfort to others, while also possessing the capability to flash an SOS signal in emergencies. The inclusion of a blue light, which outlasts the main beam in terms of battery life, is thoughtfully noted as a potential nightlight during family camping trips. Built to withstand light showers and equipped with three AAA batteries, this head torch is portrayed as a versatile, must-have accessory for campers and could serve efficiently as an emergency cycle light.

Head Torches and Camping Lanterns

400 lumen head torch with motion sensor activation
450 lumen head torch with red LED light to preserve night vision
240 lumen head torch with a reactive lighting mode
580 lumen USB rechargeable head torch with adjustable beam width
300 lumen rechargeable head torch with adjustable beam and rear safety light
400 lumen rechargeable waterproof head torch that's durable and easy to operate
Clip-on flashing red safety lights for improved visibility. Pack of 2
£5.99 £7.99
400 lumen camping lantern with two light modes and dimmable output
200 lumen rechargeable camping lantern with hanging clip and magnetic back
200 lumen waterproof camping lantern that floats
190 lumen camping lantern that converts to a camping torch

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