Alpkit Foundation first steps

Alpkit Foundation first steps

By David Hanney

Foundation First Steps lays the groundwork for change. From classrooms to trails, these projects foster connections that ripple out into a kinder, wilder world.

Alpkit donates a minimum of 1% of its sales or 10% of its profit to the Alpkit Foundation. We've set up this independent charity to directly support outdoor, education and environmental projects.

The Foundation had its first trustee meeting a couple of weeks ago and made awards of £3,000. We've been blown away by the peole that have got in touch, the work they are doing and the inspiration they are to those they work with. £3,000 may not be much in a big bad world but it is a big deal for us and a bigger deal for those we've been able to help:

  • climbing equipment to a local group
  • cycling project for kids with autism
  • helped a Canoe Club run their sessions
  • teacher training to run Duke of Edinburgh courses
  • mountain leader training so that an inner city Outdoor Club can get going
  • camping trip for Yorkshire kids into the Peak District National Park
  • first aid training to help Nepal recover from the earthquake last year

Alpkit founder Nick. "It was great to be involved with our first trustee meeting. I foundit surprisingly difficult to come to some decisions, as I think I went with some misplaced preconceptions of who and mostly who not we should award money to, but it was great to be swayed and educated by everyone else on the committee. It's just nice to be able to make an direct impact however small, straight away."

We're also delighted to announce that our first customer trustee is Debbie Read. She lives locally, a keen Alpkiteer and has great experience of charities. We're looking forward to welcoming her at our next meeting.

The next meeting is at the end of November and we would welcome applications for support from invididuals, groups, expeditions and environmental projects that help people overcome obstacles and Go Nice Places, Do Good Things.

To apply, fill in the form at email You can also keep up to date on what's happening within the foundation over on the facebook page.

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