Review the BruKit Review the BruKit camping stove

By Talyn Williams>

With everything you need in the box (bar gas!) the BruKit is a fantastic stove, fast, efficient, easy to use and lightweight.

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Camping Stoves

Collapsible titanium camping stove, weighs just 45g
High powered titanium camping stove weighing 124g
Powerful gas stove for campsite cooking
Heat it and eat it, a 585 g integrated cooking system
Meths camping stove weighing just 150g with a flame regulator
Flat-pack stainless steel twig stove for camping and backpacking
Igniter to light your camping stove with the click of a button
Increase the efficiency of your camping stove with a windshield
Converts your Brukit into a lightweight camping cafetière
Three-legged stand to provide stability on uneven ground
Camping stove gas canister with a 3-season fuel mix
Replacement O ring for your Brukit

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