New UK-Made Bikepacking Bags

New UK-Made Bikepacking Bags

By Alex Guerrero

We're shifting it up a gear. Our new UK made bikepacking bag range is climate neutral. Made from organic and recycled fabrics. And made in a factory using green energy. It doesn't compromise on performance. Nor should you.

We’ve been at the forefront of the recent resurgence in bikepacking since 2008. We made our first bike luggage over a decade ago and we’ve been manufacturing and using it ever since. Strapping stuff to bikes and taking them into the outdoors was good fun then. And it’s even better now we’ve refreshed our bikepacking range.

A Brief Overview

  1. What direction are we taking our range in?
  2. Our UK-made range
  3. Why did we refresh our range?

What direction are we taking our range in?

Bikepacking bar bag made in Britain

The bikepacking market has exploded. When we set out, we never quite anticipated just how many different circumstances you’d use your bike luggage for, now we see bags attached to all manner of frames – even unicycles! We’re embracing this evolution in people are attaching things to their bike by diversifying our range.

Our Original UK-Made Bikepacking Range

Bikepacking top tube back on titanium gravel bike

Our UK-made bikepacking bag range has had a refresh. The X11 fabric is waterproof (but not seam taped). And it’s paired with a water-resistant YKK AquaGuard® zip for all-weather riding. The fabrics are built to last. They’re abrasion and tear resistant, made with a reinforced construction.

X-Pac® X11 fabric uses a hard-wearing 100% organic cotton face fabric. Organic cotton farming produces significantly less CO₂, uses less water and eliminates the use of harmful pesticides.

The fabric is certified by cleenTEC® as being 100% climate neutral. X11 is made from a mixture of plant-based and recycled materials and manufactured in factories using only green energy.

Backed up by our 25-year Alpine Bond. Available in Mountain Brown, Storm Grey and Panther Black, our UK-made bikepacking bags cover: handlebar bags, cockpit bags, frame bags and saddle bags. Handmade in our UK factory.

Why did we refresh our range?

Made in Britain seat pack fitted to titanium gravel bike

"On our sustainability journey, we want to make our entire bikepacking bag range more planet-friendly without compromising performance. With a climate neutral fabric made in a green energy factory, the X11 face fabric is made from 100% organic cotton. It's a bonus that they come in softer colours that are all the rage right now." - Laura Sills, Equipment Product Manager

Bikepacking Bags

Dual-ended handlebar dry bag: fully waterproof, 13L
Large dual-ended handlebar dry bag: fully waterproof, 20L
Tapered saddle bag dry bag: fully waterproof, 13L
Small, waterproof handlebar bag: lightweight, 3L
£20.99 £24.99
Waterproof handlebar bag: lightweight, 13L
£29.99 £34.99
Large waterproof handlebar bag: lightweight, 20L
£33.99 £39.99
Waterproof top tube bag: lightweight, 0.65L
£15.99 £19.99
Waterproof stem-mounted bag: lightweight, 1.4L
£19.99 £24.99
Waterproof frame bag: lightweight, available in 3 sizes
£41.99 £49.99
Waterproof saddle bag: lightweight, 0.5L
£15.99 £19.99
Waterproof saddle pack: lightweight, 12L
£41.99 £49.99
Canister handlebar bag: UK made, weatherproof, 4L
£50.99 £63.99

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