March's Sewing Stories

March's Sewing Stories

By Alex Guerrero

Celebrating sewing stories, Alpkit shares 25 unique repair tales, showcasing the dedication of their Repair Heroes.

This is the fifth installment in our Sewing Stories series. That means we’ve told 25 lovely stories of keeping gear going longer, making it fit and making it better. We’ll never tire of celebrating our Repair Heroes. Here’s March.


extended quilted jacket

Hathersage Repair Hero Chris worked with a customer who didn’t want to give up one of his best jackets. The only problem was that it was getting a little snug. So Chris sewed in a new section in a similar colour to make the well-loved jacket just a bit looser to wear.

Making Well-Loved Well-Known

leaf patch down jacket
leaf patch down jacket

Bristol Repair Hero Kate patched up a customer’s down jacket with some beautiful leaf patches. The customer was really happy. Although the sneaky, subtle “guess the repair” fixes are wonderful, we love the idea of making it well-known that your kit is well-loved.

Guess the Repair Returns

This one’s not so easy to spot. Edinburgh Repair Hero Monika repaired the broken fly zip on some skiing trousers. There were a few teeth missing on one side of the zipper. Rather than replacing the entire zipper, she just replaced half of it. Funky! Better still, the zipper was reused from another repair’s leftovers.

Down Jacket Refresh

repaired down jacket
repaired down jacket
repaired down jacket

One of Betws-y-Coed Repair Hero Rosanna’s loyal customers came in to get a new lease of life for their down jacket. It had been through the wars a bit. But once Rosanna had worked her magic, it was as good as new.

Mouse Food

damaged deuter bag
repaired deuter bag

At Hathersage, a customer came in with a tasty, but non-functional backpack. Okay. Maybe not tasty for humans. But having left it in his garage over winter, he found that some mice had nibbled at it and caused lots of damage. Repair Hero Rob used some fabric to recreate the shape of the lid and sewed it all back together.

What Now?

If you have any well-loved kit in desperate need of repairing, hand it into any of our eight stores or chat to our lovely repair heroes in Hathersage, Keswick, Edinburgh, Betws-y-Coed, Ilkley and Bristol.

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