Winter Camping Sleep Systems

Winter Camping Sleep Systems

A solid night’s sleep does the world of good.
We’re all unique and we all sleep differently, so we can’t tell you which exactly which sleeping bag and mat to buy. What we can do is share the knowledge that experience has given us... Read more

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SkyeHigh 900

4 season duck down sleeping bag: -13°C limit weighing 1420g

Bundle price £199.99

ArcticDream 1400 Hydrophobic

Expedition sleeping bag: -48°C limit weighing 1900g

Bundle price £449.99

AlpineDream 800 Hydrophobic

4 Season mountaineering sleeping bag: -22° limit weighing 1300g

Bundle price £299.99

Napster / Grey

8 mm closed cell foam mat for camping; use alone or as an insulation layer

Bundle price £8.99
  • Grey
  • Blue

Cloud Base

Lightweight inflatable camping mat weighing 395 grams and 5 cm thick to soak up uneven ground

Bundle price £41.99


The baddest self-inflating mat for all those dirtbag moments in your life, weighing just 900 g

Bundle price £54.99


At 7.5 cm thick this is the most luxuriously comfortable camping mat we make

Bundle price £59.99

Double Dozer

Luxurious double self-inflating sleeping mat. Sleep in 5-star comfort

Bundle price £99.99


Ultra-light inflatable pillow for multi-day hikes, bike tours and overnight adventures

Bundle price £12.99

Longest Day Sleep Out Bundle

​Sleep underneath the stars with this sleeping bag, mattress and pack bundle. The bundle co-ordinates...

Bundle price £123.99

Winter Bivvy Bundle

Bundle price £339.99

Read our guide for a good night’s S.L.E.E.P, or browse our favourite sleep system kit.