Headtorch for fell running

Why is the Gamma the best headtorch for running?

By Kenny Stocker

The Fell Running Guide holds the Alpkit Gamma headtorch in high regard for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the Alpkit Gamma offers an affordable solution, especially when compared to pricier models that boast extreme brightness. While some might be tempted to opt for higher-end models, the Alpkit Gamma provides a balanced performance suitable for night runs on non-technical trails. Moreover, its versatility shines as it can also serve as a dependable backup torch for more serious overnight runs.

In terms of design, the Alpkit Gamma stands out with its lightweight build, weighing in at just 118g, batteries included. The design incorporates an overhead strap and a rear compartment designed to house 3 AAA batteries. A distinct feature of this torch is its main Cree light coupled with single white, red, and green LEDs. These LEDs prove invaluable for tasks such as map reading or in situations where lower brightness is desired, like when coaching. The addition of the rear red LED was highlighted as especially beneficial.

Practicality is another strong suit of the Alpkit Gamma. While its consistent illumination may not last an entire night, it remains steady for a few hours, catering perfectly to shorter night runs. Another noteworthy design element present in both the Gamma and its counterpart, the Viper, is the sturdy tilt mechanism for the main body. This design ensures that the light angle can be adjusted with ease and reliability.

Regarding battery life, both the Gamma and Viper models perform admirably, offering around four hours on full power. While this might not be sufficient for an entire night's trek, it’s more than adequate for a couple of hours of running. Perhaps what seals the deal for many is the undeniable value for money these torches offer. With their included batteries and impressive performance capabilities relative to their price points, both the Gamma and the Viper provide outstanding value.

In conclusion, the Fell Running Guide suggests that runners evaluate their true needs before splurging on premium models. Unless one is venturing into highly technical terrains demanding top-tier features and lumens, the Alpkit headtorch models, like the Gamma, could be a prudent choice. Such a decision would not only meet most night-running needs but also allow for investment in other vital gear, such as a sturdy waterproof jacket.

Find out why the Gamma is a great headtorch for night running

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