Qark running headtorch

Find out why Advntr can’t believe the price of the Qark lightweight headlamp for road and trail runners

By Kenny Stocker

Claire Maxted of Advntr unveils the Alpkit Qark, a runner's delight, merging affordability with lumens aplenty. Get the brightest bang for your buck!

Claire Maxted of Advntr magazine dubs the Alpkit Qark headlamp the champion of value in the realm of running headlamps.

We really enjoyed using the super-bright white Qark-light for night running through forests; the 580 lumen max light setting was powerful, and the focus bezel to change from spotlight to floodlight was great for allowing even more control depending on how rocky or difficult it was underfoot.

Tipping the scales at a light 108g, this pocket-friendly priced wonder offers three adaptable white light settings and a nocturnal red beam. Claire particularly adores the max setting of 580 lumens, which transforms the darkest forest paths into daytime trails.

Claire's work is published on Advntr magazine. Find out why the Qark ticks all the right boxes.

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