Keep your kit dry when walking in the rain

How to keep your kit dry on wet hikes - and more!

By Kenny Stocker

Oli Read's review of the Alpkit Gourdon 25L backpack details its simplicity, durability, and waterproof performance

Oli Read from Live for the Outdoors reviews our Gourdon 25L waterproof backpack, highlighting its affordability and practicality for various outdoor activities.

This versatile and waterproof backpack presents a compelling option for those seeking a waterproof solution for hiking, biking, and watersports without the need for additional rain covers.

Oli emphasizes the simplicity and efficiency of the Gourdon 25L. Describing it as a no-frills, large waterproof sack with a roll-top closure, he notes its effectiveness in keeping contents dry under typical British weather conditions. The lightweight design of the backpack doesn’t compromise its waterproof capabilities.

The pack's features are straightforward yet functional. While it lacks internal organization, it compensates with ample room and a small internal mesh pocket. The outside offers more storage options with stretchy mesh side pockets and webbing for extra gear. The backpack’s back pad can be swapped with a hydration bladder, adding versatility. Oli also highlights the environmental aspect, pointing out that the main fabric is made from 100% recycled nylon and the pack is composed of 50% recycled material.

Oli discusses the Gourdon's capacity, noting its spacious 25-litre volume that feels roomier due to the lack of excessive internal features. He finds it suitable for standard hiking trips and various other uses, including urban errands. The range also includes 20L and 30L variants, catering to different needs.

Regarding durability, Oli’s experience with the older 30L model over six years testifies to the backpack’s robustness. While not specifically designed for extreme activities like mountaineering, the Gourdon has proven capable of handling various loads, from sharp sticks to shopping items, without significant wear.

In conclusion, Oli recommends the Alpkit Gourdon 25L drybag for those seeking a straightforward, durable, and cost-effective waterproof backpack. It excels in its primary function – keeping your gear dry and secure in wet conditions.

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