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  • MytiPot 2200
  • MytiPot 2200
  • MytiPot 2200
  • MytiPot 2200
  • MytiPot 2200
  • MytiPot 2200
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    • MytiPot 2200
    • MytiPot 2200
    • MytiPot 2200
    • MytiPot 2200
    • MytiPot 2200
    • MytiPot 2200

    MytiPot 2200

    Titanium cooking pot

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    Ultralight titanium cooking pot, for healthy appetites and groups. With two side handles and a lid with steam vent - for hearty campsite meals.
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    MytiPot is a 2200ml titanium cooking pot for group campsite cooking or healthy appetites. Large capacity means you can cook proper meals and put back what the day has taken out! Store your gas canister, stove and the rest of your cooking kit inside for a compact self-contained cook setup.

    • 2200ml capacity for hearty campsite meals and group cooking
    • Sturdy carry handles and a lid with steam vent
    • Fits a gas canister, stove and the rest of your cook kit inside
    • Made using durable, 30% recycled titanium

    Adventures are better with friends. MytiPot makes group expedition cooking easy with plenty of capacity to cook one-pot meals or boil enough water at once for everyone's dehydrated meal pouches when travelling light. With a lid for efficient boiling and steam vents you'll be tucking in faster after a long day on the hills. Plus, the large size and lid mean your other pans will nest easily inside.

    MytiPot is made with 30% recycled titanium. Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth. It's lightweight, very very strong and super inert - this is a benefit environmentally as it'll last a lifetime, is recyclable, and its resistance to corrosion means it doesn't pollute air, land and oceans. It's also ideal for cookware as titanium is highly conductive for efficient and even heating - and there's no metallic taste.


    Product overview

    • 2200ml capacity, enough to cook proper campsite meals
    • Ideal size for groups
    • Sturdy fold-out handles 
    • Comes with a lid for efficient boiling
    • Made with 30% recycled titanium
    • Fits a gas canister and the rest of your cook system inside
    • 3 year Alpine Bond

    Technical details


    30% recycled TA1 titanium


    External: 195mm (d) x 95mm (h)
    Internal: 190mm (d) x 90mm (h), 2200ml capacity


    270g (incl. lid)

    Sustainability and Product Care

    Alpine Bond
    If one of our products does not meet your expectations upon delivery, or if during its lifetime does not live up to the demands placed upon it, please return it to us for repair, replacement or refund. If the problem is our fault then we will do this to your satisfaction. If it’s your fault then we will help out the best we can. Find out more about our Alpine Bond here.

    End of life
    When your partnership with this product is over send it back to us and we will pass it on to someone that needs it through our Continuum Project.

    How It Is Made

    Recyclable content
    MytiPot is made from 30% recycled titanium which is also fully recyclable

    Corrosion resistant
    Titanium is naturally inert and resistant to corrosion which helps to prevent soil and ocean pollution

    Where It Is Made

    Our products are made in the best factories in the world. We know the factories personally and they have all signed up to our Code of Ethics in our supply chain. This includes the Ethical Trading Initiative base code, fair pay, safe working environments, no child labour, no modern slavery, no bribery or corruption, no materials from conflict zones and humane farming methods.

    All our factories sign up to our Code of Conduct. Find out where we make our product by visiting our Factories of Alpkit factory zone.

    Reducing our carbon footprint

    We are carbon neutral under PAS2060 and offset our Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 operations and transport emissions. We recognise that offsetting is not part of the solution but a point to pass through on a journey to Net Zero. Carbon Neutral is just a step in that journey.

    We have joined the Science Based Targets Initiative which sets independent targets for us to achieve to do our bit to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Our targets are to halve our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2025 based on 2018 base year and reduce our total carbon intesnity by 15% every year to achieve genuine net zero by 2050.