Setting a New Standard in Bikepacking.
Setting a New Standard
in Bikepacking. Again.

Our new bikepacking range is stuffed with everything we've learnt in the last 13 years at the forefront of bikepacking.
Our new bikepacking range is stuffed with everything we've learnt in the last 13 years at the forefront of bikepacking.

Tested over hundreds of thousands of miles, up to and beyond their limits by our Alpkiteers, racing and exploring all over the world. We know exactly how to make the best bags.

UK Made Bikepacking Bags

Enduro Seat Pack
& Harness

Fuel Pod &

Big Papa &

Gravel Bag

Fuel Pod


Tested Around the World... Literally

Scottish Highlands. Icelandic fjords. The Yukon wilderness. Our bikepacking bags have been tested on round the world tours and extreme expeditions. In fact, we're so confident in our craftsmanship that all our UK Made bikepacking bags come with a 25 year Alpine Bond warranty.


Rich and Tom Seipp cycle the Tour Divide
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Al Humphreys explores Tohoku
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Steve Bate races the Rovaniemi 150
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Handmade in Nottingham Since 2008

Building trust in who makes your gear takes time, we get that. We've been designing, developing and handmaking bikepacking luggage in Nottingham since 2008 - bikepacking is a part of Alpkit and Alpkit is a part of bikepacking. That's something you can trust.

UK Made Bikepacking Bags

Meet the Makers

Get to know the talented crafters behind Alpkit bike luggage

Always Innovating.

Early creations in 2008. The Exo-Rail anti-sway seat pack mount in 2018. We're just as excited to be introducing our new bikepacking range.

Grab and Go Seat Pack System

Less faff. More riding. Just the way we like it

Our new grab-and-go harnesses make taking your seat pack off a breeze. Simply unclip the the pack from the harness and slide it out. The harness stays in place against the seatpost for easy re-mounting and a quick get-away after you're all packed up.

Quick Release Top Tube Bag Cradle

The new Cradle system keeps your top tube bag stable and allows you to quickly detach your Fuel Pod to take valuables with you.

- Detaches quickly and easily from Cradle at pit stops
- Highly water-resistant due to waterproof materials
- Front-facing cable port for light batteries/charging

Fuel Pod & Cradle Mount

Easy Access Gravel Bag

The Gravel Bag uses a top-loading design to provide lots of useful packing space for day rides at touring pace and longer bikepacking trips.

  • - Roll-top is extendable for flexible packing
  • - Durable materials and a reinforced construction
  • - Highly water-resistant for all-weather riding

Gravel Bag

UK Made Bikepacking Bags

New. Innovative. Bombproof.

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