Polar Bears and Paddleboards

Polar Bears and Paddleboards

By Col>

Having headed out to the Sermilik Fjord on the east coast of Greenland, Polar Bears and Paddleboards are aiming to complete a 100 km journey by paddle board up to the Helheim glacier. Not only are they hoping to raise more awareness of SUP, but also to establish a knowledge base for future SUP trips to explore this coastline. This area of Greenland is littered with icebergs that calve off the icecap at the head of the Fjord and so far the journey has been mixed with perfect flat conditions, strong winds, stacks of ice and of course stunning scenery to look at. Throughout the journey they will be documenting their progress to be made into a film about the expedition when they return. We are excited to be helping them out where we can and they are using our Zhota mountain tents for both basecamp and media tent, while on board a selection of our Airlok Xtra'sand Gourdon'sare being used for grab bags as they weave their way up and down the fjord.

Standing up to the challenge are: Paul Hyman, Justin Miles, Juliette Ball, Phil Sayers, Stuart Howells, Brad Symington, Mohammad Nilforooshan, Jaime Silva, Charlie Head and Justin Hankinson

You can follow the last few days here but if we haven't had any updates then we'll be sure to report back on how they got on once we've caught up with them on their return.

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