A Treasured Outdoor Moment - The joy of swimming together

A Treasured Outdoor Moment - The joy of swimming together

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A Treasured Outdoor Moment - Rachel Knight

Myself and two friends have been completing a "Dip a Day in December" this month. We have swum every day without wetsuits in either the river Spey, or local lochs. We live in the Highlands. We do allow ourselves gloves and boots though. We are doing this to raise money for a charity called Myeloma UK, which supports people with this rare type of blood cancer. A good friend of mine is battling this cancer, and the ongoing effects of its treatment. We have now raised almost £3,500, which we are overwhelmed by and chuffed to bits.

So, we've swum in the sun, rain, snow, morning, night, lunchtime, sledghammered the ice, shivered, sipped tea, and mostly laughed a lot throughout the month. However, my most treasured moment was Christmas Day, where it was blowing a very cold hooly. It did not feel like a day for taking your kit off, but we did, and were even joined by my 7 year old daughter. She was very brave. So, shivering in the wind with her, and my pals, in our cossies on Christmas Day, that's my most treasured moment. Closely followed by the moment 15 mins later where we shared Prosecco and mince pies in the forest.

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