The Alpkit family grows

By Col

The Alpkit family grows, welcoming new members to the community of adventurers.

Nothing gets you ready for the day ahead better than a good nappy change, it ranks alongside a strong coffee to get going in the morning… well maybe not quite, but Liz and I have just embarked on the longest adventure of discovery we’re likely to make.
Baby Isabelle arrived a little earlier than expected the other day, joining us amid frantic efforts to finish off those long over due diy projects. Not to worry, things will have to be put on hold a little while or fitted in as and when we can.
I don’t know if I’d really prepared myself for her arrival and becoming a dad, perhaps you can’t. I had not really given it a thought about how I would feel as she was born, what it would be like to take her home, how we would cope with the everyday chores of the bathing, changing, feeding, even simply holding her. But it’s all kind of happened instinctively, days come and go and you just tend to get on with things, learning more at every step. Watching her brings home just how incredibly amazing life is. If at anytime in the past I was daunted by the thought of having a child then, as she lays asleep on my chest now, all worries become alleviated and it all begins to make sense. This tiny baby, heart achingly beautiful and vulnerable, totally dependent on you for support and care, has also made us reliant on her as we learn new things about ourselves, our hopes, our dreams. A truly exciting time lies ahead for all.

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