Alpkit 5 year review

By Kenny Stocker

Our unwavering dedication to quality gear and adventurous spirit is celebrated through reviewing our first 5 years.

5 years ago we registered a website. We were so pleased with ourselves that we decided to take a holiday in Sardinia. Our flight bags were stuffed with some sample Tshirts that Col had designed and the trip swiftly evolved into our first official photo shoot. Since those heady days we have introduced new products, taken more trips and strengthened our wardrobe.

Even if we didn’t realise it back then; with no more than 10 orders going out each week we also had a lot more time free. Even the curious Norwegian tshirt sales peak in the winter of 2004 didn’t stress us unduly.. it was only when we started selling our Phud boulder mats that we realised we would need to review our posting facilities and start renting premises.

Not all of our products have made it this far. The experimental Tokay rock boot was discontinued after problems with the factory, we changed our original MytiMug when people told us they wanted a better fitting lid and we have learned to keep a little more discreet about other home grown products that would inevitably get delayed in order to fulfil other more pressing commitments, such as keeping the PipeDream sleepong bags in stock!

Frustrating as it has been we have learnt to accept these set backs as part of the game. We have kept the spirit alive and kept the design process flowing. The Indigo has been replaced by the Gamma, the Gourdon drybags managed to capture peoples imagination and the Jeanius jeans are now a reality, just 4 years after we first exhibited the technology! For every one item that gets ticked off our list of things to do 10 get added.

We are particularly proud of the latest addition to our collection.. socks! Made locally we pick these up ourselves in Jims van and we have 3 new designs which we hope to roll out in the coming weeks. Nick has given the thumbs up to the synthetic jacket that has been keeping him warm all winter, we shall be releasing that as a coLAB product and Pete is getting his funky new boulder bucket sampled.

With 5 years under our belt we are happy to still be here and doing what we love. Every so often it is refreshing to step back and review what you have done, celebrate what you have and give yourself time to plan where you are going next.

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