Snowboarding Jan 2010

By Nicola Beeby

Snowboarding Jan 2010, shredding slopes in a winter wonderland.

With it being so cold in this country I decided the best thing to do was go somewhere where they make the best use of all the snow – France, Alpe-d-huez. A group of 4 of us headed off and met up with a few others out there, the apartments we had were cosy, to say the least but we couldn’t complain.. you could almost touch a lift from the window. We woke up the next day to sunshine and snow :o)
It took me a little while to remember what I was doing, but I soon remembered, and then had an excellent weeks boarding. Everyday was spent getting the most time possible on the slopes, exploring as many of the runs as possible, we found some little gems with views that made you stop still!

This was followed by eating a lot and getting to sleep nice and early, so as not to miss anything the next day. I hadn’t done much boarding before so I had a great time playing on some little of piste sections and on the baby jumps in the park (they were very baby!) We had some long runs, one of them 16km – which was awesome but maybe the black status was pushing it a bit. On the last day/night there was a huge dump of powder but we cant complain we had good snow, maybe next time…

Safe to say I’ve caught the bug, it seems a much better way to spend the winter than freezing on rivers (well maybe..!) I’m already planning a couple of cheeky days in Scotland on a weeks boating trip.

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