Back East

By alpjim

A nostalgic journey back to familiar landscapes invites explorers to blend adventure with the timeless beauty of the Scottish countryside.

Well here I am again, sitting in the hotel checking mails and preparing for tomorrow’s visit to another Chinese factory. I’m out here to work on some subtle changes to existing products as well as develop some new products for the Alpkit range. Rather than the epic trip Nick and I made in June 07, I am basing myself in HongKong and traveling into China a couple of times and this time I’m flying solo. Nick knows the place like the back of his hand after living out here for just over a year combined with frequent trips when he worked for other brands. On the last trip he led, I followed. Its quite a daunting place to visit on your own but I met up with a friend for a beer last night who has been out working for his company and flew home at midnight last night.

Today was an easy day, the factory picked me up from my HK hotel, drove me to their HK offices, took me out to lunch, and drove me home again, oh and we developed some new rucksacks and softshell stuff in between. More news when the first samples come through.

The signage out here made me giggle on my first trip and they haven’t failed to disappoint already. I know the Chinese believe if they are going to ‘go’ what ever they do about it isn’t going to make any odds. Hence the way they drive, ride bikes and generally cross the road without looking. However I think this sign makes the optimistic traveller more than a little nervous!

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