Yorkshire Fun

By alpjim

Yorkshire’s landscapes inspire joy and exploration for adventurers seeking fun across all ages.

I am extremely lucky to have made some very good friends through my years at University in Leeds. My family and I have just spend a few days with them. enjoying the hills and mountains of North Yorkshire by foot, on bikes and in boats. The man from DHL had brought me a few new samples before Christmas that needed a road test. It’s great when you can mix work seamlessly with pleasure. But somehow at 8 o’clock in the evening after a pleasant days walking I found myself walking to a cave system close to the bunk house. My cycle helmet now sported our new head-torch cabled tied to it and my dinner was packed into a new water-resistant back pack. Heavy rain had put a stop to any serious down time, instead we were off to large tunnel system. This didn’t mean it would be dry!!

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