Kungsleden Gear prep

Kungsleden Gear prep

By Nick>

So I’ll be doing the Kungsleden Ski Tour and once on the trail I’m planning on taking the following route, if i get a clear run with the weather I might go to the Kaitumjaure hut and back, or ski up Kebnekaise.

Kebnekaise Mt Station

The main thing is that I have a number of days spare so that i dont have to push it if the weather is bad.

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Equipment - additions, extravagances and tips

Most clothing choices are sorted, however I have been worried about the recent cold snap where the mountain station at Nikkaloukta reached -41ºC. I can’t plan on it being this temperature just prepared. However I still wanted to get a few bits and pieces tested before I leave and this cold snap is ideal for that.

Cold Weather footwear - Although I’ll be using ski’s, cold weather footwear once I’m at the huts is quite important as i want to be able to have warm toes whilst I try and take photo’s of the Northern Lights.

Stove - There will be some cooking facilities in the huts but having a lwt option will enable me to have a brew during the day and that little extra safety if I get caught out.

Bivi - Although almost certainly for emergency use only, i’m very keen to make the most out of any kit that I take. So i’m pimping up a Hunka that i can use for sitting out watching the sky turn green.

lightweight stove options

Spot - Its a fancy backcountry gps tracking device this will become the norm in a few years. Your phone can already do what this does, this just does it better.
Comments on SPOT by - Will Gadd
Fuji X10 - this is replacing my Olympus RC35, it has big shoes to fill.

Sorel 1964s - I have coveted a pair of these for 20 years, Schuh were selling them for £60 and an excuse to buy them was all I needed.
Solar charger - Flex Cell - overkill for this trip but very keen to explore this technology for wilderness travel.

those coveted boots of his

Lots of ways of saving money, but it’s best to plan ahead and be ready to buy stuff out of season. I bought my outer jacket for the trip almost a year ago at 50% off. Decathlon can save you a lot of cash on basics, and for example a £10 for a pair of fleece pants lighter than any other brand is worth thinking about. Lots of tips on how to reduce pack weight on backpackinglight.com but best advice is buy a smaller lighter bag. I already had a 60l podsac which i could of used, but ended up with a 50l Golite Jam. It weights a kilo lighter and has forced me to take less stuff.

I was a little worried a few weeks back when it was reaching -40c in the mountains and would have meant a serious wardrobe rethink, but as long as it’s above -20c then everything should be fine.

Northern Lights
Aurora forecast

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