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Alpkiteer, Swimmer and founder of the Outdoor Swimming Society

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Kate Rew is an outdoor swimmer, writer and mother. She set up The Outdoor Swimming Society (The OSS) in 2006 and has been a pivotal figure in the recent resurgence of outdoor swimming and the creation of an international community around it. Author of two books (Wild Swim and The Outdoor Swimmers’ Handbook) and Creative Director of The OSS, Kate is focused on giving people the inspiration and information to swim; to go on self-powered adventures and to love their freedom and watery landscapes. With The OSS team she is fighting to increase access to rivers and reservoirs.

When she’s not swimming, she can be found running, camping, mountain biking and thanking god her boys love water and food as much as she does. Imaginary bumper sticker reads Humanity: Leave it Better Than You Found It.

Life Highlights

  • Rowed for the Oxford Blue Boat
  • Studied Ashtanga yoga with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India
  • Trained as white water rafter on the Zambezi
  • Swam around the UK for Wild Swim
  • Short film ‘Chasing the Sublime’ being shown by Oprah Winfrey
  • Received ISHOF (International Swimming Hall of Fame) award for ‘stalwart’ (!) contributions to recreational swimming
  • Creator of iconic open water events the Dart10k, Bantham Swoosh and Hurly Burly


Kate Rew On Film

Kate Rew

Chasing the Sublime

A mesmeric look at the physicality of long-distance cold water swimming by award-winning director Amanda Bluglass.