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  • Cycling Through A Pandemic
    • Cycling Through A Pandemic

    Cycling Through A Pandemic

    Written by jonathan heard and edited by cian byrne

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    350 page hardback book featuring the stories and photographs of ten cyclists around the world in the midst of a pandemic
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    Cycling Through A Pandemic is a 350 page, hardback book featuring the stories and photographs of cyclists around the world who got away from Covid-19 and the endless news cycles for a brief moment by escaping to the vastness and peacefulness of nature on their bikes.

    As one of the 11 million furloughed from work in the UK, Jonathan Heard packed his camping gear onto his bike and set off from the rugged cliffs of Land’s End, England and cycled 1,600 miles to John o’ Groats, via the Scottish Isles. Experiencing a breath of freedom and the independence that riding a bike can bring, he felt that there must be other cyclists like him who are doing the same thing.

    Jonathan spent the past six months searching for cyclists who have embarked on biking adventures during the pandemic and interviewing them on Zoom. Working alongside a writer, they’ve distilled these captivating chats into rich stories, bursting with colour and life, complemented by photography that transports the reader to remote locations across the world. The ten stories celebrate the accomplishments of these people who, despite the adversity, took on a challenge during this time.

    Cycling Through a Pandemic is sponsored by Komoot, with 100% of the profits being donated to World Bike Relief.